The Truth About Combi Ovens

The Combi Oven has become one of the most important pieces of equipment in the modern kitchen today. Food taste, quality and consistency are all attributed to the Combi Oven design.

With more and more brands being introduced into the market at varying price points, it is easy to understand how customers can become confused as to which unit to purchase. Performance Catering Equipment would like to clear up some of this confusion, by explaining the difference between a ‘Boiler type’ steam generation, and the lower priced ‘Spray Over’ or ‘Spitter type’ steam generation.

The ‘Spray Over’ or ‘Spitter’ units create steam by direct injection of water inside the cooking cavity, onto the fan and elements. This creates a misty steam effect. This type of unit was introduced so the Combi Oven could be more cost effective to manufacture and to purchase.

Although these units may work successfully in certain parts of the world, our experience in South Australia in particular is that these units have a high risk of corrosion. These units require top quality water supply, not only to prevent corrosion, but to eliminate blockages as the spray jets are miniscule to create a fine mist of water. Blockages are very difficult to clear. It should also be noted that this ‘Spray Over’ system to create steam is to activate the heating elements, and this radiant can cause delicate products to scorch, such as cauliflower etc…

Manufacturers of these ‘Spray Over’ units stipulate that correct water filtration is to be installed otherwise Warranty is void. In South Australia all of these units should be installed with Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration systems, however it is up to the Salesperson to make customers aware of this requirement. These Reverse Osmosis Filtration Systems are extremely expensive to purchase, and maintain, and the filters and membranes are to be changed regularly to ensure they are working effectively. Failure to maintain these filter systems will almost certainly result in corrosion in your Oven Cavity.

Companies like Rational who specialise in, and only manufacture Combi Ovens for the world market, only produce a ‘Boiler type’ unit. Rational are constantly developing new and innovative functional improvements to their Ovens, without compromising on the integral design quality. The Rational Care Control tablets incorporate a boiler tank descale every time the unit is put through a wash cycle, to maintain the boiler at optimum working condition. Rational Cleaning Tablets ensure the Oven cavities look brand new every day.

Rational are World leaders in Combi Ovens, with 54% World market share. Rational’s proven Performance and Reliability contributes to over 100 Million meals being produced in Rational’s around the World each day, making them the number 1 choice in Combi Ovens!

We highly recommend purchasing a Rational ‘Boiler Type’ Combi Oven for long term Performance and Reliability. Performance Catering Equipment is very reluctant to sell ‘Spray Over’ type units, due to the large amount of issues we have encountered with these types of Oven’s over the years, and we would like to pass this advice onto our customers to save them on downtime, heartache and money.