Department Communities and Social Inclusion (DCSI)

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In July 2012 Food Services Department of Department Communities and Social Inclusion identified a requirement to replace its tray line dishwasher due to its age and high maintenance. The Procurement and Grants Department was commissioned to investigate a replacement system. After evaluation it was decided that a Winterhalter MTF 3-3500 Flight Type Dishwasher and a Winterhalter GS660 Pot Washer be identified as replacement units. Performance Catering was commissioned as the preferred supplier.

A major obstacle for the installation was the drainage from both units. The kitchen is located in the basement of the building so underfloor penetration was not possible. Performance Catering designed a drainage solution that also included the design of the stripping bench to meet WH&S requirements and included, after staff consultation, a easy to use stripping system.

The Pot Washer was installed first followed by the Dishwasher. During installation, Performance Catering managed the ordering, importation, installation with complete consultation, sub-contractor management whilst achieving minimum interruption of Food delivery. Staff training was completed to ensure all staff was aware and capable of operating the equipment before final commission of the units in January 2013.

Since installation Performance Catering maintained both units during the warranty period using their PRIME Service maintenance program. This service was conducted quarterly and in addition complied with our HACCP accreditation. During this period, the maintenance staff were punctual, informative and completely conversant with the units. Due to the high quality of the service, we have continued with Performance Catering PRIME Service maintenance program.
I recommend Performance Catering as a preferred supplier for their ability to meet our high standards in a reliable, courteous and professional manner.

Dennis Rockley | Manager Food Services
Department Communities and Social Inclusion
DCSI consists of Housing SA, Disability SA, Disability and Domiciliary Care Services and Youth Justice.